Finalists INMA Global Awards – plus Covid-19 Initiatives

What are the media houses doing worldwide? What different categories do you look at as a jury member?

  • Brand building is one.
  • To connect with society, with users another.
  • How do you set up the plan to establish a new media product?
  • How does data analysis help to produce better offers, better understanding?
  • And yes, how do you ideally use print? How use video or audio?
  • Which digital offers are successful with the users?
  • What is the best way to motivate readers to get engaged?
  • How do you best get subscribers back digitally? How keep those that you have?
  • How is native advertising implemented responsibly and working?
  • What do you do ideally as a media house to further develop your own house culture?
  • As a unique category this year: How do you deal with Covid-19 as a media company? What do you communicate and how? What do you build, implement, help, invent?

It was a very exciting, far-reaching and complex working process to look at, classify and assess the many well-documented and successfully implemented projects.

The finalists have been released. It is very much worthwhile to check them out

The Finalists of all categories

The Finalists of the Covid-19 initiatives by media houses

PS: The pictures is the drawing of artist Sudarsan Pattnaik for the MaskIndia campaign