Mobile excitement at Washington Post

The importance of approaching mobile not as something new -but as an extension of the digital strategy. #adonnews

“What products do you need to be able to sell? One mistake that can be made is considering these decisions in platform silos. You must have a strong focus on mobile, but there is a huge desire in the marketplace to run advertising across all platforms. An exclusively mobile platform may have some benefits, but if you now are running cross platform campaigns in two different systems you may experience some inefficiencies.

The main set back with multiple systems is the fragmentation of impressions across those systems, requiring duplicate workflows for each system. Having one server for apps and a different one for mWeb requires a publisher to traffic ads in each, while one system does all of that work for you.”

Jeff Burkett, the Senior Director for Sales, Operations and Product Strategy at the Washington Post

Full article “How the Washington Post is capitalizing on Mobile Advertising”