INMA Global Media Awards 2019/18/17/16

Norbert Specker is in the jury for INMA Global Media Awards. Use next year the option to show your best projects within the international comparisation. In addition you motivate your crew. (Enter until end of January 2020).

Over 100 winners in the last years and many hundered finalists. Here the winners of 2018 and great campaigns in the last years.  A treasure.

Update: great to work again in the jury (before:2016/17/18).  Enter with your great project next year in any of many catagories.

Energize Brands

  • Best brand awareness campaign
  • Best public relations or community service campaign
  • Best use of an event to build a news brand

Create New Products

  • Best new print product
  • Best use of mobile
  • Best use of video
  • Best launch of a brand or product to create an audience segment
  • Best use of new technology to generate revenue and engage

Grow, Engage, Monetise Audiences

  • Best idea to encourage print readership or engagement
  • Best idea to grow digital readership or engagement
  • Best use of social media
  • Best new paid content or subscription initiative

Grow Advertising Revenue

  • Best idea to grow advertising sales or retain advertising clients
  • Best marketing solution for an advertising client
  • Best execution of print advertising
  • Best execution of native advertising

Develop Customer Insights

  • Best use of data analytics
  • Best use of consumer research

Instill Innovation

  • Best new corporate innovation initiative
  • Best idea or innovation to create new profit centers