A content manifesto?

10 Theses

The more players, devices, formats and combination of content exist, the more dificult it is to mould this industry into 2 days of conferencing or even 3 days of a summit.

We have barely started to understand the opportunities and complexities of digital content.

I propose to humbly look at the properties of content in a networked environment. The format is theses. The reason: theses can change, are arguable, are not finished, can be expanded, in short: invite reaction. I sincerely hope you join the discussion in order to get the “Content Manifesto” and this industry on the way. During Interactive Publishing and beyond.

Zurich, August 15th, 2000

Norbert Specker

Content needs context

In the value network of the content economy the providing of context is  more complex and difficult than the providing of content.

Other’s comments:
digital context is
digital context is the sum of: content + architecture + dramatic rules + experience. question: what do you think?
(It’s immaterial, Nov 13, 2000)

Content brand building takes longer

Since reliability and trust are key factors to a sustinable content business, building this business takes longer. Trust and reliabilty can only be proven over time.

Other’s comments:
Only one click to prove the promise
brands have allways been built for the long run. in addition, e-brands have to proof their promises within the next click. question: true?
(It’s immaterial, Nov 13, 2000)

Brands are Contexts

The smaller the content pieces get, the harder it is to brand the pieces.
Deconstruction of content destroys brands.

Other’s comments:
never be boring!
means: content needs branding, branding needs storytelling, which means: never be boring! question: be a sport, say no and why!
(It’s immaterial, Nov 13, 2000)

Opportunity content is key content opportunity

Content can be accessed anywhere and at anytime. The key content opportunity is to provide the right content for the right moment for the right device.

Other’s comments:
Find the right dose
providing content means to find the right content dose for peoples needs. question: what is the content dose you need daily?
(It’s immaterial, Nov 13, 2000)

Creation of Cross-Media content will be the key competence

The creation of integrated media products is in its earliest stage. The conceptual complexities of the networked media will create content opportunities for years to come.

Other’s comments:
meta content strategies
take a different view: creation of meta content strategies will be the key to profitable e-business. question: would you pay for an online magazine that is available in print and vice versa?
(It’s immaterial, Nov 13, 2000)

Content needs connection

Personalization and individualisation of content will need ongoing input from the recepient to stay meaningful and attractive.

Other’s comments:
experience what you never expected to find
find, what you’ve been looking for; experience, what you never expected to find. question: what have you recently been looking for in the net? and did you find it?
(It’s immaterial, Nov 13, 2000)

The age of the story teller is upon us

If content needs context then people need stories and environments. The story teller is the most admired person in the digital world.

Other’s comments:
where have you been so long?
where have you been so long? where have all those tales been? why didn’t anybody tell anything? question: tell us a story, that happened to you today! use 10 lines of 20 characters max.
(It’s immaterial, Nov 13, 2000)

Media convergence is not happening

At least, computers and tv are not becoming one thing. The hardware and distribution options are exploding. But we are wittnessing the ubiquity of media, anywhere, anytime, anything.

Other’s comments:
do you know convergent media?
since convergence has been invented as a statement it has been understood as a technical topic. but it’s not. question: do you know convergent media?
(It’s immaterial, Nov 13, 2000)

Content without Brand is cheap

The value of content is its brand. Exclusivity, trustworthiness, reliability. The content provider and mathematics: Intellectual Capital = Brand = Value of Content.

Other’s comments:
branding is expensive
you see: branding is expensive 😉 but it’s worth it! question: can you explain in a few words the look and feel of amazon.com?
(It’s immaterial, Nov 13, 2000)

meaning is the message

meaning is the message.

question: why do you hide?
(by It’s immaterial)